2017 Colonial Holiday of Thanksgiving Party

Thank you to all of our dedicated friends and supporters for attending the Bidwell House Museum Colonial Holiday of Thanksgiving Party on November 18! Below you will find some pictures of this great event where attendees generously gave to the museum’s education programs.  Educating and inspiring visitors is essential to the mission of the museum.  To that end the museum has four programs, aimed at local high school and college students, that they think you should know about.  Raising money for these programs is a crucial task for the museum.  If you are interested in reading more about these programs or helping the museum fund them, please follow this link, 2017 Museum wishlist



President of the Board of Trustees Rob Hoogs speaks to the crowd about our education initiatives


Kathryn Roberts, Vice-President of the Board of Trustees and former Executive Director, Barbara Palmer


Roger Tryon, Greenagers Executive Director Will Conklin and Bidwell House Museum Executive Director, Heather Kowalski


Mark and Mary Makuc

Diane Austin and Aaron Nurick

Diane Austin and Aaron Nurick


Lighting a bonfire


Silent Auction in the dining room!


JoAnn Bell, Mark Sena and Linda Saul-Sena